Technology Event Sponsorship Fund

Startups, university student clubs, and companies that are organising technology-centric events such as seminars, sharing sessions, hackathons, conferences, etc. can apply for Digital Penang’s Tech Event Sponsorship Fund.

The amount of sponsorship given will be subject to the approval of Digital Penang’s management.

The basic criteria to be met for requesting sponsorship are:
(1) It must be a technology-centric event or activity.
(2) It must be carried out onsite in Penang or as a hybrid activity in Penang.

Activities or events organised in northern states (Kedah and Northern Perak) will also be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Events or activities that will not be considered for sponsorship are:
(1) Non-tech-related events
(2) MLM or pyramid scheme activities
(3) Events related to sales or marketing training using social media
(4) Activities that have very little tech-centric content
(5) Events that do not provide a relevant positive impact on the tech ecosystem

Besides monetary sponsorship, Digital Penang, on a case-by-case basis, will also provide space sponsorship for you to hold your tech-centric events.

For all events and activities that received our sponsorship, you will be required to provide to Digital Penang basic post-event reporting and also participants’ registration details.

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