Penang StartUp Ecosystem Survey

An ongoing survey for 2023 on the state of the technology startup ecosystem in Penang.


In the digital age we live in, data can occasionally be worth more than gold. Strong data sets must be used to drive planning and decision-making as data analytics is developed and used more frequently for situational analysis and to produce initiatives with targeted high impact. In light of this, Digital Penang cordially invites all digital and technology startups and tech founders to take part in this survey.

Survey Objectives

Progressively be on point of the changing landscape of the digital and tech startups in Penang

Opportunity Identification that will help drive growth for Penang Startups

Gaps and Barrier Identification that initiatives need to be develop in order to help Penang Startups

Who Should Participate

  • Technology Startups of all stages of growth.
  • Non-manufacturing Ventures who relied on technology to run more than 80% of their operation i.e e-commerce ventures.
  • Hardtech and Deeptech Startups.
  • Non-manufacturing E&E Startups.
  • Aspiring Founders and Early Stage Tech Startups with revenue less than RM150,000 per annum.
  • Science-based, Agritech and Bio-based Startups.

Outcome from Survey for Digital & Tech Penang Startups

To develop programs that are relevant to the state of Penang Startups

To create targeted funding and financial assistance initiatives

To create growth and market access opportunities with our ecosystem partners that benefits Penang Startups

Data Privacy

All the data and information that is submitted through this survey is kept confidential and not shared to any other third parties. Your data is protected by the PDPA Act as stated in our Privacy Policy in the page footer below. Your submissions are only for internal Digital Penang use to develop better and relevant programs and initiatives that will help our tech ecosystem to grow.

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