What is Digital Penang’s MVPaaS?

Minimum-Viable-Prototype-as-a-Service (MVPaaS) is a service to help digitalize SMEs to go digital and embrace the future of technology by being digital by default.


What is MVPaaS?

A Minimum Viable Product (MVPaaS) is a version of a new product which allows a team to collect the maximum amount of validated learning about customers with least effort said by Eric Ries. 

A key premise behind the idea of MVP is that you produce an actual product (which may be no more than a landing page, or a service with an appearance of automation, but which is fully manual behind the scenes) that you can offer to customers and observe their actual behaviour with the product or service. Seeing what people actually do with respect to a product is much more reliable than asking people what they would do.

What are the validated criterias for my idea?

A good problem statement is provided with a concise description of the addressed or condition to be improved upon. Here are some guides to follow using the 5W2H method:

  •  What is the problem that’s need to be solve?  
  •  Why is it a problem? 
  •  Where is the problem observed? 
  •  Who is impacted? 
  •  When was the problem first observed? 
  •  How is the problem observed? (symptoms caused by the problem) 
  •  How often is the problem observed? (error rate, magnitude, trend)
     Click here for some real-life examples

Define the goal of the idea. 

The purpose of the goal is to identify the most critical assumption related to the specific idea, so make sure it starts with the most significant one. For example, it can be an assumption that is most likely  to happen, but it can also start with an assumption that has the biggest downside or the worst expected value. Map out all the assumptions regarding the idea and prioritize the one that’s the most critical for the provided idea to succeed. 


Does the idea or maybe a similar one already exists in the market? ​ 

This is because it can cause some copyright issues. Moreover, similar ideas can lead to high risk of failure.  However, it still depends on the functionality and features that becomes the differentiating factor. 


Does the idea aim to help the community or just for entertainment purposes? ​ 

It is better and recommended if your idea will provide some benefits to the state as the digital transformation masterplan focuses on upgrading the digital governance, economy, community and infrastructure by 2030. 


A survey on behalf of customers / users regarding the acceptance of the idea provided.​ Feedbacks and comments are collected based on the following themes:-

  • People who are willing to buy the product/use the service = Target market
  • How much people are paying for it = Price
  • People who will buy/keep buying/using it = Demand 


Have a clear and precised description of the idea. Here are some elements to look upon:-​ 

  • Complexity 

    • Is the idea easy to understand or does it require new knowledge and skills?
  • Adopter categories and social systems 

    • How appealing is the idea to the relevant adopter categories
  • Compatibility 

    • Is the idea perceived to be consistent with the needs of potential adopters?
  • Observability

    • Are the benefits of your offering visible for others?


Estimated budget​

  • Budget is balanced with the idea provided (not overestimated)​
  • Client must be able to take the risk on the whole budget, as we can only provide early-stage investment. More details will be discussed further.

Basic qualities​ (advantage) 

  • Maintain a good relationship with stakeholders, good communication skills. 
  • Having a responsible representative is very much appreciated.

What are the packages Digital Penang provide?

  • Idea validation, Product-market Fit (PMF) and Total Addressable Market (TAM) – RM2000.00

    • Consultation on business viability, product and technology advice, pitch deck consultation, raise funds strategies, Go-to-Market strategies and digital marketing.


  • Basic – RM5000.00

    • High fidelity user interface/user experience design model of your application or product screens (up to 12 screens for registration flows, features with interactivity, etc.)


  • Low code MVP prototype – RM8000.00

    • A low-code development platform is a development environment used to create application software through a graphical user interface instead of traditional hand-coded computer programming.


  • Consult, Advise, Build, Develop, Test and Deploy -RM15,000.00
    • All the above packages including access to our Digital Sales Force team and Digital Marketing programs.


  • Technical Troubleshooting RM1000.00 per man per day

    • Focus on your startup while we provide technical support and troubleshooting as you scale your business to greater heights.


  • Tech Maintenance and Retainer RM1000.00 per day

    • Grow your business while we bugproof your product and service so you can rest easy doing what you love while we do the heavy lifting and stress testing.


*You can contact us at for further details. 

What is the process flow for the MVPaaS?

Download the chart provided here for a overview of the entire MVPaaS process flow.

Can I request more than 12 screens for the design model phase?

For each additional screen, RM500.00 is charged based on the standard screen price. However, price may vary according to the features and interactivity of the screen(s). 

Are there any features that cannot be implemented?

  • Some user interface designs can lead to difficulties in implementing it in real-life. For example, inconsistent styling, bad iconography, or unorganized elements. 
  • Some features may require high budget or high technologies software application tools to be implemented and that indirectly exceed the overall budget. 

Can I make any revisions during the process flow?

Yes, you can. Maximum of 2 rounds of revision is amendable, but each phase is informed and  reviewed first to avoid any misunderstandings and extra work. 

Can I extend the agreement for system maintenance purposes?

Yes, you can. The maintenance fee is calculated based on days plus sudden technical errors or problems will not affect the maintenance fee. 

What happens if there is a sudden termination?

Actions are taken based on the agreement and compensation is required for any services done during the period. 

How do I submit my Startup Idea?

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