Minimal Viable Product Program

The MVP programme is designed to provide early-stage startups in Penang with a maximum of RM10,000 in subsidies for the development of their minimum viable product (MVP). Our programme is aimed at helping startups gain fast market traction by providing them with the resources they need to build and launch their product quickly into the market.

Through this programme, startups will receive funding to develop their MVP, which will allow them to test their product in the market and gather feedback from customers.
We understand the challenges that early-stage startups face, and we are committed to providing the resources and support they need to thrive. If you’re an early-stage startup in Penang, join us for this exciting opportunity to build and launch your MVP and take the first step towards success.


Application Details

Application Process

Application Date: 1st Mar – 30 Apr 2023

Qualifying Criteria to Apply:
(1) Penang-based Startup
(2) Registered Business or Company with SSM
(3) Revenue below RM150,000 as at FYE2022

(1) Register and download the application forms.
(2) Submit the application form and documents.
(3) Qualified applicants will be informed for Pitching
(4) Pitch your MVP to Selection Committee
(5) Successful applicant will be informed via Email

Qualified MVP

Mobile Applications

Wearable Applications

API Development with Significant Functionality

Kiosk Applications

Hardtech and IoT Devices Applications

Web-based Applications including E-Commerce, Marketing Tech and EdTech

Cloud and SAAS-based Applications

Payment Solutions and Applications

Gaming, Creative Contents and Applications

Program Partners