Going Digital demands the pre-requisite infrastructure in information communications technology to be able to deliver a decent level of speed for productivity and a good experience. Also, the coverage must address the digital divide and be a basic need in order to promote adoption. To achieve this, the State is developing plans on upgrading and expanding the telco infrastructure, especially fibre, as a top priority to address the speed and coverage issues as well as support 5G rollout and Smart City initiatives.

Major layers of the digital infrastructure focused by the State are as follows: –

    1. Telecommunications, especially Fibre network State wide
    2. CCTV Network to support security and transport
    3. IoT Network to support environmental, agriculture, aquaculture
    4. Aerial Maps

We are interested to receive concept proposals on the above strategies, design, architecture, policies and implementation of the various layers from interested parties and explore partnerships to accelerate the rollout.

Please send your information to contact@digital, attention CEO Digital Penang

All submissions are treated as Request for Information (RFI) and State of Penang is not obliged to respond, evaluate or award any contract.

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