Coming to Your University!

Hey Future Innovators!
Are you a young, ambitious university student ready to tackle the challenges that define our generation? Brace yourselves for an exhilarating journey as we invite you to the most electrifying event of the year – the Gen-Z IdeaPesta Hackathon!

🔥 Why IdeaPesta Hackathon?
In a world filled with endless possibilities, it’s time for us, the game-changers of tomorrow, to come together and crack the code on the issues that define our generation. This isn’t just any hackathon; it’s your chance to turn your innovative ideas into reality and make a real impact!

What Sets Us Apart

We’re focusing on problems that matter to us – the unique challenges faced by Gen-Z and beyond. From mental health and sustainability to tech-driven education, we’re diving deep into the issues that shape our daily lives

This isn’t just about coding; it’s about ideation, collaboration, and creating solutions that revolutionize the way we live. Join forces with like-minded visionaries, bounce ideas off each other, and watch as your collective brilliance transforms concepts into reality

Gain insights from mentors and seasoned professionals who have navigated the landscape you’re about to explore. Their guidance will not only refine your skills but also open doors to a world of possibilities

Connect with a diverse group of fellow students, mentors, and potential collaborators. The IdeaPesta Hackathon isn’t just a competition; it’s a community that fosters collaboration and friendship among the brightest minds of your generation

As if the thrill of solving real-world problems isn’t enough, we’re loading you up with perks and prizes that will make this journey even more unforgettable.

Target Participants

Undergraduates in Software Engineering or Engineering School

Undergraduates in Business School and Marketing

Any other undergraduates who have interest or ideas


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