CD² Sandbox - Hot Desk Pass Giveaway

Terms and Conditions

1. Access Card

1.1 The winner will be issued an electronic access card which at all times remains the property of Digital Penang.

1.2 The winner shall not lend the Access Card to any third party. Only the winner is allowed to use the Space at one time.

1.3 If the Access Card is lost or misplaced, a penalty fee of RM50 will be charged by Digital Penang.

1.4 The Access Card Deposit of RM50 will be charged and shall be refunded upon departure.

1.5 The Access Card shall be returned to Digital Penang on the same day before 5:30pm.

2. Validity Period

2.1 The Hot Desk Pass is valid for six months only from the date winners are announced. The validity period will be informed to the winners via email.

2.2 The Hot Desk Pass is only applicable during weekdays (Monday-Friday, excluding public holiday)

2.3 The winner should confirm the date of booking at least two working days before Redemption Date of the Hot Desk Pass. Booking date(s) will be confirmed upon availability of the space.

2.4 You will not be able to use the Hot Desk Pass to enter the premise of CD² Sandbox @ George Town upon expiry of the pass.

3. Rules and Regulations

3.1 Digital Penang is empowered at its absolute discretion to make and implement from time to time of the rules and regulations (“the Rules & Regulations”) to govern the access, use and enjoyment of the Premises, Space, its facilities, resources, services and amenities or any part thereof and to regulate the rights, privileges, obligations and duties of the winner.

3.2 The winner is not allowed to bring outside food into the Premises and all food and beverage is required to be consumed in areas designated for such purpose only. No food is allowed and shall not be consumed at the office desk area.

3.3 The winner shall keep the Space clean and tidy and clear of rubbish and to leave the Space in a clean and tidy condition as it was.

3.4 The winner shall not throw or permit to be thrown dirt, rubbish, rags, boxes or other refuse except into proper bins or other containers provided for such purpose.

3.5 The winner shall not obstruct the roads, paths, entrance, halls, corridors, lifts and staircases of the Premises, the use of which is necessary for obtaining access to and egress from the Space (hereinafter referred to as “Access Ways”) or cause the same to become dirty or untidy nor to leave any rubbish on them.

3.6 The winner shall not use the Space or Access Ways in such a way as to cause any nuisance, damage, disturbance, annoyance, inconvenient or interference to the Premises.

3.7 The winner shall not do any act, matter or thing which would or might constitute a breach of any statutory requirement affecting the Premises.

3.8 No animals are permitted in the Premises for any reason.

3.9 The winner shall take such steps as may be necessary to control and maintain the sound or noise level in or within the Premises at or below the decibel level or such other limits as stipulated by Digital Penang.

3.10 The winner shall be responsible for his/her own conduct and shall ensure:

3.10.1 not to use drugs, smoke, or vape in the Premises or within 50 feet of the Premises entrance;

3.10.2 not to engage in violence of any kind in the Premises;

3.10.3 not to bring firearms, other weapons, or illegal substances of any kind into the Premises;

3.10.4 not to engage in conduct deemed disorderly at the sole discretion of Digital Penang’s staff; and

3.10.5 use the Space, facilities, resources, services and amenities of the Premises in a considerate manner at all times.

3.11 The winner shall not use the Space to perpetrate any fraud.

3.12 The winner shall not publish or distribute any obscene or defamatory material or any material that invites violence, hate, or discrimination towards any individuals at the Premises.

3.13 The winner shall not unlawfully gather information about others, including photographing or videotaping others without their consent.

3.14 The winner is not permitted to store any items of personal property at the Space or any part of the Premises. Digital Penang is not liable of any loss or damage to the personal items left at the Space or any part of the Premises. Digital Penang reserves its rights to dispose the personal items left at the Space or any part of the Premises.

3.15 The winner shall use the complimentary services and utilities within reasonable limits of consumption and usage and are prohibited from activities such as but not limited to mining cryptocurrencies at the Space or any part of the Premises.

4. Facilities, Resources, Services And Amenities

4.1 Winner is given access to complimentary facilities as follows:

4.1.1 Free Wi-Fi access

4.1.2 One desk, one chair and one power plug point access per seat

4.1.3 Pantry at Level 3

4.1.4 Surau at Level 3

4.1.5 Printing services will be provided at fees and charges

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