Calling All Hardware Engineers, Scientists and Software Developers

Better, Cheaper, and Innovative Solutions for Difficult Problems or Make Quality of Life Significantly Better

A Specialised Program Designed to take your MVP at TRL 5 or 6 to TRL 8 or 9

About the Program

The Digital Penang Hardtech Inculerator involved a total of 1o to 15 activity/engagement days spread over a period of 9-months designed to help hardtech/deeptech companies, university spin-offs, engineers, scientists, innovators and researchers with TRL Level 5 or 6 solutions (lab tested or controlled environment tested prototypes) to commercialised their products and solutions into the market and at  the same time develop a strong business structure to support the commercialisation. 

This program is based on the successful pilot 2023 Hardtech Accelerator programme, redesigned with improvements using a hybrid Incubator – Accelerator (Inculerator) model. It is one of the most exclusive programme in Malaysia specifically for Hardtech, Deeptech and E&E Startups.



  • Solutions or products must be a combination of hardware and software (AI inclusion is a bonus).
  • Solution or product must be at MVP stage with TRL Level 5 and 6 readinessprototype that have been tested in a lab or controlled environment but not in actual operating environment.
  • Solutions that are already commercialised in the market are acceptable if the company is looking to expand its market outside of Malaysia.
  • Company must be Penang-based.
  • Registered with Digital Penang Database (Click Here)
  • Company must fully or partially owned the Intellectual Property of the product or solution via registered or application-in-process for patents and/or industrial design and/or other forms of IP (trademark not included). Solutions protected via trade secret is also accepted.
  • Not a reseller or distributor of the product or solution of another company or parties.
  • Companies open for investment considerations for example if the company is an off-shoot from a university, the university should not owned more than 20% of the company equity or unwilling to dilute its equity if it does hold more than 20%.
  • Only for hardtech entrepreneurs whom are serious about establishing a real venture in the market or expanding them outside the country. There will be reporting work, progress updates, plenty of engagement sessions with mentors and markets and you will be expected to put in the work to build your own venture. This is NOT A TRAINING PROGRAM.
  • You will be required to  go through the planned 10 to 15 days activity/engagement days spread over a period of 9-months of the program as you run your business. This program will provide you with a sustained support system and mentor to help you commercialised successfully.
  • You will be required to enter into a commitment agreement with Digital Penang. 

Target Participants

  • Scientists, Researchers, Technologist, Engineers, Biologists, Software Developers with a hardware-based prototype or bio-based prototype with digital/software component looking to commercialised the solution to its target market.
  • Companies and University spin-offs with prototype products looking for commercialisation in the next 9 months. 
  • Hardtech and deeptech companies looking to build stronger ventures to position themselves to raised investment from investors.

Phases of the Programme

Phase 1 (18 Mar – 29 Mar)

You will need to present and pitch to an independent committee consisting of business and technical experts to be selected into the program. 

Phase 2 (1 Apr – 31 May)

You will undergo a series of market readiness workshop with the net outcome of producing 2 core plans:
(A) Proof of Concept Plan to deliver TRL7
(B) Market Validation Plan

Phase 3 (1 Jun – 31 Aug)

3 months of venture mentoring to refine your plans, ensure your product readiness to be deployed, building your business and service model, preparation of your IP protection submissions and learn how to pitch for investments.

Phase 4 (1 Aug – 31 Oct)

Deployment into the market and data gathering to achieve successful TRL Level 7. Design product improvement plans to deliver actual solutions for TRL 8 and identify opportunities.

Phase 5 (1 Aug – 31 Oct)

Market Validation implementation to discover market barriers, validate business & service model and identifying the product-market fit. Develop plans for bigger market deployment and fund raising.

Phase 6 (1 Nov – 31 Nov)

Securing market adoption for your solution via Letter of Interest, Tech Licensing or Purchase / Adoption. Selected top performing companies will get the chance to pitch to High Networth Individuals in MBAN’s ETTL Program and be included in PROFILES by Digital Penang.

Facilities Partnerships

Program Partners

Venture Capital & Investment Partners

Ecosystem Partner


Astra Medical Technologies Sdn Bhd

Mobula Research Sdn Bhd

SpaceIn Sdn Bhd

Formedic Technologies Sdn Bhd.

Fulkrum Digital Sdn Bhd

Solution to help motorcyclist to cool down their body temperature

Agritech and O&G aeration solution that can be one of the best in the world. Highly modular, scalable and cheaper.

Low orbit pico satellite solution for large land mass IoT connectivitiy. The first company in South East Asia that successfully deploy into orbit.

Solution to help patients suffering from COPD, Bronchitis, Pneumonia, Cystic Fibrosis and other general lung diseases breath better.

Visual smart manufacturing solutions catering to SMEs to help them improve productivity and reduce cost.

Calling For HardTech Startups

Digital Penang would like to invite eligible startups to join in accelerating and paving the way for market entry.


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