Penang Announced Globally Renowned Computer Science School

Signing MOU

11 October 2023, George Town – The Penang State Government, Digital Penang, Sunway Education Group, and Khazanah Nasional Berhad (“Khazanah”) today announced a landmark collaboration to bring in ‘42’, a globally renowned computer science school to George Town, Penang.

Termed 42 Penang, it will be an addition to the esteemed network of campuses nationwide under 42 Malaysia. 42 Penang aims to be a driving force in developing digital skills and contributing to technological innovation in the region. It will provide an accessible and innovative learning experience in computer science, following the successful 42 learning model from France. The campus adopts a peer-to-peer learning approach, offering a unique and inclusive platform for students to acquire real-world skills through project-based learning, with zero fees.

The collaboration between the Penang State Government, Digital Penang, Sunway Education Group, and Khazanah demonstrates a collective commitment to nurturing talent and equipping individuals with the skills needed to meet the demands of the digital economy. Leveraging the strengths and expertise of each partner, 42 Penang aims to empower students with the necessary tools to succeed in the ever-evolving technological landscape. Sunway Education Group’s credentials as a leading private education institution in Malaysia, along with Khazanah’s dedication to socioeconomic impact through its Dana Impak mandate as well as Digital Penang’s pursuit of digital economy opportunities were pivotal in establishing 42 Penang.

Chief Minister of Penang, YAB Chow Kon Yeow said “The establishment of 42 Penang aligns with our vision for Penang 2030, where we aim to establish our state as a global technology and innovation hub. We recognise the importance of tech and STEM-driven education in shaping a workforce that can meet industry demands. This will help bridge the availability of skilled professionals, creating a sustainable talent pipeline for the digital workforce in Penang. We are proud to introduce 42 Penang as the newest addition to our budding tech ecosystem. This is not only an investment in the education of our youth but also the future of our state.”

In pursuit of the overarching vision outlined in Penang2030, Ts. Ng Kwang Ming, the Chief Executive Officer of Digital Penang, has underscored the inclusion of 42 Penang students in Digital Penang’s technology initiatives. These initiatives encompass a range of activities, including technology seminars, knowledge dissemination, and industry-focused events. This strategic inclusion serves to provide students with a valuable opportunity to commence their entrepreneurial journeys, thereby advancing Penang’s goal of fostering the establishment of 500 startups by the year 2030. All stakeholders have underscored their commitment to tech education by pledging financial support and resources to 42 Penang. This commitment empowers the provision of state-of-the-art infrastructure, cutting-edge technology and a curriculum finely attuned to industry needs.

The 42 Penang campus, nestled within the Creative Digital District (CD2), will provide students with unparalleled access to professional and entrepreneurial opportunities in an ecosystem that encourages active engagement in tech communities and hands-on exposure to real-world applications. The CD2 initiative, co-developed by Think City, aims to foster innovation and investments in digital technology, software services, and creative arts, reviving the urban core of George Town as a business district. The district, envisioned as a city campus where creativity and digital elements intertwine, will evolve into a vibrant, sustainable environment where students can build professional relationships and participate in entrepreneurial programs, thereby bridging the gap between academic learning and practical application in the professional realm.

Intakes for 42 Penang will be announced soon.

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