FREE Digital Clinic workshops for Penangites

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly accelerated digital transformation in all aspects of human life. Fortunately, cutting-edge technologies have made it possible for activities to continue despite nationwide lockdowns and social distancing measures through digitalisation. It has changed the way we make bill payments, shop, to having our favourite meals delivered right at our doorsteps. With the pandemic forcing a rapid shift, it is more imminent now than ever for us to embrace digital culture regardless of age or digital background.

In bridging the digital divide among communities, the Digital Clinic classes will be carried out this year to empower senior citizens and adults with digital skills and confidence to access information and services online. The Digital Clinic is a series of workshop under Digital Penang’s #DahDigital initiative in the state’s effort to drive digital adoption among the community.

Since 2020, Digital Penang has conducted 135 free basic technology classes among the members of the community through the #DahDigital initiative where more than 40,000 individuals have participated in the online webinars and physical classes at state legislative assemblies in Pulau Tikus, Padang Lalang and Bagan Dalam. Individuals were taught on various modules including personal development, innovation, and marketing via live demonstrations.

“It’s a great initiative and I’m very interested to learn more on how to use the Grab app. I would definitely get my friends and neighbours to join the workshop so that they too can keep up with technology”, said Ms Foo, a participant of Digital Clinic.

Aimed at enhancing digital literacy, #DahDigital offers a range of digital classes on how to navigate with internet services, mobile applications, eWallets and much more. Since its inception, Digital Penang is committed to accelerating digitalisation efforts and building a digital-savvy society. Hence, Digital Clinic classes are tailored for senior citizens to assist them on their digital journey providing one-on-one guided sessions.

To improve digital skills, join our upcoming Digital Clinic Workshops that are held at Digital Penang’s event space every 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month with our Digital Coaches. Register today via Eventbrite or WhatsApp us at 011-56203509.

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