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FundRace: Post-Seed Stage

An event for post-seed stage start-ups to learn the next step after raising Seed Funds and alternative ways to secure the next round of fund About this event: This event is co-organized by MDEC and Digital Penang which mainly enclose ways to raise capital with the objective of helping the post-seed stage startups secure funding …

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Dropout to A Tech Startup Founder

Come and join us on this exciting journey to learn and listen to the hardship of a founder. About This Event: Thiru will explain his path from dropout to startup entrepreneur, the hurdles he faced, and how he upscaled his skills to suit market need before finally starting his businesses. Speaker: He is presently the …

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Opportunities in Traditional Business

Come and join us to learn more on the opportunities available in traditional businesses & SMEs into the Digital Age. About this event To share the opportunities available in traditional businesses & SMEs in the digital age (logistics, e-Commerce, digital marketing, etc.). Kay Sen will share his experience in business flow optimization for logistics, sales …

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Becoming a Startup Mentor Workshop

It’s well known that mentors are a key ingredient in the success of start-ups. But the true impact of mentorship is often still eye-opening Start-ups with mentors are 7x more likely to raise investment money and 3.5x more likely to grow user numbers for their products and services, according to JP Morgan Chase. While most …

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