Digital Transformation
Master Plan?

The Digital Transformation Master Plan (DTMP) encompasses several sub-plans that outlines Digitalisation ambitions and goals towards a connected, creative and competitive society.

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Digitalisation is not just about disruption or technology. It’s about value, people, optimisation and the capability to rapidly adapt when such is needed through an intelligent use of technologies and information.

Digital Transformation will add value in our efforts toward enhancing the journey and build a better digital relationship by delivering information and services with the technology. We seek to establish public-private partnerships to ensure that both have mutual stakes in the outcomes. The implementation will be the 3M framework of Methods, Measurements, and Maintenance to ensure results are effective, tangible, and sustainable.
We plan to digitise core rakyat-facing processes end-to-end with a data and API first architecture to enable integration across multiple agencies to drive adoption of digital services.
Through the Digital Outreach Network, we seek to enrol and recruit professionals to volunteer and contribute their skills to find and co-create technology solutions and solve problems faced by the community. If you are interested to join this outreach network, please email to contact@digitalpenang.my 
To complement our strengths in hardware, we will intensify the software engineering and ICT sector. We will seek niches in digital services and software projects to build scale and core competence.
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