Transition from #DahDigital? to #DahDigital!

FREE basic technology classes to build your confidence to thrive in a digital world.​

The COVID-19 pandemic heightened the need for ordinary Penangites to adopt digital technologies in their everyday life – from paying bills online, connecting through video calls and to buying and selling online. While this may come naturally to some segments of society, it can be daunting to many others.

Funded by the Penang State Government, #DahDigital aims to increase digital literacy and use of basic technologies among members of the community as well as provide part time employment during the pandemic.

#DahDigital offers a range of modules that help make learning to use digital technologies universally applicable and fun. Our thematic modules provide practical use cases to use digital technologies in your everyday life. Build your confidence as you learn to use easily accessible and free digital tools during the class.

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Basic technology and digital classes for senior citizens and adults!

#DahDigital provides FREE Digital Clinic workshops to senior citizens and adults, providing basic technology and digital classes to upskill digital literacy among the communities. This is in line with the Penang2030 vision, to drive ‘A family-focused, green and smart state that inspires the nation’.

The Digital Clinic is a programme under the #DahDigital campaign which aims to promote digital adoption among senior citizens, adults and communities at large.

Need Digitalisation Classes For Your Community?

We offer introductory modules on how to use specific applications and staying safe online.
Classes are available by request.

  • Self-Development (communicate effectively online, manage and grow your money, life goals and success habits)
  • Innovation (solve problems like a computer, design solutions with design thinking, inventive problem solving)
  • Digital Marketing (level up your business game with Google My Business, creative contents for social media, building lead funnel from zero to one)
  • Digital Government Services (E-Government, Penang Smart Parking)
  • WhatsApp – Social Media
  • Facebook – Social Media
  • E-Hailing
  • E-Wallet
  • Mobile Banking
  • Scams and Phishing
  • Safety & Privacy

Approach us if you are interested to engage us for any of the above courses. Drop us an email today at contact@digitalpenang.my