Transition from #DahDigital? To #DahDigital! 
Free classes on basic technology for individuals and small businesses 

The COVID-19 pandemic heightened the need for ordinary Penangites to go digital – from paying bills online, connecting through video calls to buying and selling online.  


Funded by the Penang State Government, #DahDigital aims to increase pervasive adoption of basic technology in the community as well as provide part time employment. 


Campaign Reach


Individuals encouraged to adopt e-wallet


Individuals engaged through free classes


Small businesses encouraged to digitize


Digital Promoters hired


Digital Coaches hired

For Individuals:  

We conduct classes over a range of topics: Email, Online Banking, Social Media, Penang Smart Parking and more. Classes are available in multiple languages.


Register for available classes through the following ways:

  1. At any of our scheduled weekly class happening this month.

For Small Business: 

The COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns has made selling online a necessity. You may be a one-person shop or a multi-team shop. Explore our Penang SME Go Digital workshops that are aimed to facilitate small businesses to sell online. 

Register for available classes here:

Click to see classes
Click to see classes

We are hiring Digital Promoters and Digital Coaches! 

Join our growing team of Digital Promoters and Digital Coaches that are helping drive adoption of technology at the grassroots level through #DahDigital. 

More info here 

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