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Dahderma FAQ - Digital Penang



The platform is open to anyone to participate in!

To start collection donations via campaigns, you need to be a registered organization. You can sign into DahDerma and create a new organization. We will then get in touch with you to complete the process as part of our due diligence activity.

Step 1 :
Click the profile picture and select “My Organization” menu to register your organization.

Step 2:
Click “Register Organization” to register your organization.

Step 3:
Fill in “New Organization” details and click “Create” .

Step 4:
Click “this link” text to upload and submit the required documents.

Step 5:
List of documents that need to upload and submit documents.

Step 6:
Once you have submitted the form, then the person in charge will do due diligence on your documents and approve the submission.

Step 7:
After that, you may started creating a campaign on DahDerma.

You do not need to register to donate. However, we recommend you register to simplify the process.

We do not charge for the use of the platform, this applies to donors as well as organizations wanting to raise donations on the platform.

As a Donor
Donors are not charged anything when making donations to the campaigns
As a Campaign Owner
The payment gateway provider will charge a small fee for the usage of their platform. The fee is deducted automatically from the donation. There are no charges from Digital Penang.

You can reach out to us at for other questions not covered here.