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About AdaX

Instant & Ready

Bring your laptop and get started on your business instantly without any CAPEX

Simple & Sustainable

A single bill monthly for sustainably spaced and gender friendly workplace

Flexible Contract

Long term office that improves team’s focus or short term for project

Right-sized Office

Upgrade or right-size workplace according to your business needs
The emergence of co-working space is one of the many outstanding advances in the labour community. The need for it has grown in tandem with the ever-increasing number of self-employed people springing up all over the world. Initially, this was a very popular concept, particularly in countries where space in major urban centres is limited.

However, the philosophy has spread well beyond this, with many individuals desiring a separate work environment from their homes, but one that is comfortable and even homey enough to avoid feeling completely isolated. The co-working space satisfies these requirements and creates new “communities” for highly creative individuals and groups.

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