Digital Transformation Masterplan

The Digital Transformation Masterplan (DTMP) encompasses several sub-plans that outlines Digitalisation ambitions and goals towards a connected, creative and competitive society.

Click here to download a copy of the Digital Transformation Masterplan

Digitalization is a journey of transformation, a change in culture, in how people live work and play. The key strategic themes are: –

Adoption and Experience

Driving pervasive adoption and ensuring a positive experience, while retaining the charm and character that is distinctive to the State. Going cashless and going online will be key initiatives supported by coaching and mentoring from the more tech savvy to the skeptical majority.


Through the Digital Outreach Network, we seek to enrol and recruit professionals to volunteer and contribute their skills to find and co-create technology solutions and solve problems faced by the community. If you are interested to join this outreach network, please email to contact@digitalpenang.my

Civic Engagement

Through digital technology and social media, our aim is to engage the wider community to have meaningful and objective conversations on key issues and policies to solicit feedback

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