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Executive Summary 2023

"Strategic cross-sectoral partnerships served as the foundation for Digital Penang’s effort to accelerate the digital transformation of Penang in 2023."

- Message from Ts. Ng Kwang Ming, CEO of Digital Penang

About Us

Digital Penang is a government-linked company owned by the State of Penang, which began operations in April 2020 to accelerate efforts to capture opportunities in the digital economy and promote a digitally engaged society.

To bring to life the Penang2030 vision of a family-focused, green and Smart State, the journey of transformation will focus on driving digital adoption amongst the community, more data-driven governance, a diverse talent pool for entrepreneurship and investment, and a resilient digital infrastructure to sustain a liveable environment.

Communities We Have Engaged To Date

Communities Reached through #DahDigital

Hawkers Established Social Media Presence

Start-ups & Entrepreneurs Reached

Pillars of Digitalisation

Digital Transformation is aligned to the 4 pillars under Governance, Economy, Community and Infrastructure by using the technology to build digital relationships with the various stakeholders.
We plan to digitise core rakyat-facing processes end-to-end with a data and API first architecture to enable integration across multiple agencies to drive adoption of digital services.
To complement our strengths in hardware, we will intensify the software engineering and ICT sector. We will seek niches in digital services and software projects to build scale and core competence.
We will use technology as another channel to engage the public to crowd source ideas, feedback and opinions in the policy-making process. Digital platforms will be used to engage the community to foster dialogue and mobilise digital volunteerism.
By creating a digital twin of the State, we will digitalise geospatial data of all layers of utilities and infrastructure network overlay onto the built environment to improve decision making and streamline the deployment process.

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